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Executive Summary
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GVX, a long-term environmental advocate, has been producing lead free products since 2000   
With the passing of legislation by the European Union (EU) in 2003, GVX has applied the requirements of the legislation to all products developed and manufactured by GVX   At present, the majority of GVX products are RoHS compliant in all aspects except for lead-containing solder chemistries   New solder processes and materials have now been defined, tested, and implemented to allow GVX products to meet the RoHS requirements   GVX has identified four areas of customer concern regarding the status of GVX RoHS compliance   This document provides information in response to these questions

  • What is GVX's capability to provide RoHS compliant products?
  • What material is being used to coat the terminals, i.e   can GVX meet requirements for both lead-containing and lead-free solder system compatible products?
  • What is GVX's status on tin whisker testing?
  • How will the moisture sensitivity level requirements be affected?

At present, GVX has a number of RoHS compliant product lines and families available to supply to customers   A process to convert products based on customer needs is in operation   RoHS-5 and RoHS-6 products are available to meet customer needs   GVX has selected tin (Sn) for component terminal coating for most products   This material selection allows GVX products to work with either lead-containing or lead-free solder chemistries in customer processes   We encourage customers to accept these forward and backward compatible products   

GVX testing shows no change in the moisture sensitivity level requirements/specifications andperformance on current products that are RoHS compliant   Customers will not need to change current moisture control handling practices for GVX RoHS compliant products   

Customers are encouraged to contact GVX to address the schedule and details to meet product availability   

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