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Power Inductors
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Power Inductors & Power Inductor Manufacturer

Ginvanix Electronics (Taiwan), is a professional power inductor manufacturer. We provide various power inductor, such as SMD power inductor, shielded power inductor, unshielded power inductor, high current inductor, chip inductors, 4 pad inductors etc.

If you are looking for the reliable power inductor manufacturer, Ginvanix Electronics is your best choice. For more products information, please contact us!

SMD Power Inductor: 12 million pcs / month
Wire Wound Chip Inductor : 10 million pcs / month
Multilayer Chip Inductor : 150 million pcs / month
Total Quantity : 172 million pcs / month

Products Series
  • SMD Power Shielded Inductors
  • SMD Power Unshielded Inductors
  • 4 Pad Inductors
  • SMD Molded Shielded (High Current)
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