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Inductors Manufacturer
Welcome to Ginvanix Electronics (Taiwan), we offer wide ranges of inductor, including air coil inductors, wide band chokes, line filters, luminous OSC coils, common mode chokes, smd power inductor, linearity coils, choke coils, co-axial inductor, SMD wiring chip inductors, SMD multi-layers inductors, etc.

Ginvanix Electronics (Taiwan) was founded in 2000 and specialized in transformer and various inductor manufacture. If you are interested in our inductors, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We hope to receive your messages soon.   

Products Series
  • SMD Power Shielded Inductors
  • SMD Power Unshielded Inductors
  • 4 Pad Inductors
  • SMD Molded Shielded (High Current)       Power Inductors         
  • Power Chokes (Axial)
  • Drum Cores (Radial)
  • Flat Coils (Radial)
  • Peaking Coils (Radial)
  • Toroids (Radial)
  • Power Line Chokes (Radial)

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